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Essencia LAB EN

https://www.rmnvisual.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/06/essencialab-rmnvisual-content-creation.mp4 Brand Strategy for Essencia LAB: Innovating in Personal Development BRANDING CONTENT CREATION SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY AND MANAGEMENT Essencia LAB: An Innovative Initiative in the Coaching Domain. Conceived by Harmony and inspired by Systemic NLP and Integrative Hypnosis, it strives to foster profound and meaningful personal development. Starting as an individual project, Essencia LAB has […]

J. Murciano New Branding​ EN

J. Murciano New Branding CREATIVE DIRECTION J. Murciano is a company specialised in electrical installations that has recently undergone a process of industrial strength expansion, necessitating a renewal of its visual identity and brand strategy. The specialisation based on investment in human capital and the internationalisation of its business scope have marked a new branding that […]

Prolicht News 2023 Catalogue Design EN

Prolicht News 2023 Catalogue Design CREATIVE DIRECTION Prolicht showcased its luminaires as unique pieces during the expansion of its collection in 2023. The catalogue design reflects this vision with infinite configurations, boundless applications, and bold colours, presented naturally, thanks to the creative direction of the lighting company. On every page, the catalogue’s visually potent, solid, […]

Emotive product videos of Prolicht’s luminaires EN

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FVAujEyHDtIhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EQpSFOizdkAhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YCqPD1eRht0 Product videos of Prolicht’s luminaires CREATIVE DIRECTION Understanding the technical specifications of a luminaire can be complex or even tedious. Therefore, our aim in creating product videos was to convey emotions, dynamism, and innovation. Using the most significant attribute of the luminaire as a reference, we explored its visual possibilities to make an impact […]

Prolicht’s Catalogue 2024 EN

Prolicht’s Catalogue 2024 CREATIVE DIRECTION Prolicht, a leading Austrian technical lighting company with a solid industrial tradition, has transformed its approach by challenging market standards and adopting a more agile and customised production. Their new collection, underpinned by the motto «Don’t be like the rest of them», reflects an evolution towards infinitely configurable and customisable […]